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Our Team

Your Solar Energy Experts.

Calvin Reijnders

General manager, specialist of the roof as well as the meter box

Calvin always has a bright IDEA!

Michael Tkacz

Meter box specialist

Michael's always on point!

Kenny Kuijpers

Meter box specialist

Kenny wire it up? He sure can!

Oliver Lont

Roof specialist

When panels are OUT, Oliver's ON it!

Antoine Ladee

Meter box specialist

Who's that Ladee? Antoine, mastering the fuse box.

Nancy Jablonowski

Specialist of figures and quotations

The lady from fiNancy!

Marysia (friend of our absent Milosz)

Milosz, mastering rooftops and fuse boxes.

When Milosz secures the panels, they never go miLOOSE!

Kai Perch

Roof specialist

Truly, one of a KAInd.

Junny Meyer

Roof specialist

He may be named Junny, but you'll also find him laying panels in April!

Iris Bork

Administrative assistant

The right eye for solar panels always requires a good IRIS.

Find out what our clients are saying

The work was carried out very neatly. Not only through how the panels are mounted, but also through how the cable to the meter box is laid and in communicating with the customer.
Everything is thought about in advance, which means you never feel like things should've been done differently afterwards. I think that's important. The work in the meter box has been carried out future-proof. We are satisfied!

Mevrouw van Hout, OudkarspelOktober 2022

Hard-working people who put work first and don't care about a few hours more or less. Very polite!
Uphold appointments and deliver good work. If I were to install more panels, they'd definitely be installed by Solar Fusion.

Meneer Agaart, Den HelderFebruari 2023

Had 10 solar panels installed today. Nice guys who know their business. Can highly recommend solar fusion

Meneer Verkerk, JulianadorpFebruari 2023