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A greener future with Solar Fusion

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Complete solutions

You can expect us to take complete care of your solar energy systems.

Quality materials

We only work with the best materials to ensure that your system will last at least 25 years.

Focus on sustainability

We are a young and flexible company focused on greening our earth and contributing to a more sustainable future.

Our efficient solar panels are designed to provide maximum solar output throughout the year, even on roofs with complex angles and in cloudy weather.

From A to Z

Go for a complete offering

We take care of everything from A to Z, so you can enjoy the output of your solar energy system worry-free.

Lasting joy

Only the best is good enough

We work with only the best materials to ensure that your system will last at least 25 years.

A sustainable future

Together we are making the earth a greener place

Our team creates a personalized plan for optimal use of your solar energy system and to contribute to our common goal of greening our precious globe.

Solar Fusion

A greener tomorrow

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The work was carried out very neatly. Not only through how the panels are mounted, but also through how the cable to the meter box is laid and in communicating with the customer.
Everything is thought about in advance, which means you never feel like things should've been done differently afterwards. I think that's important. The work in the meter box has been carried out future-proof. We are satisfied!

Mevrouw van Hout, OudkarspelOktober 2022

Hard-working people who put work first and don't care about a few hours more or less. Very polite!
Uphold appointments and deliver good work. If I were to install more panels, they'd definitely be installed by Solar Fusion.

Meneer Agaart, Den HelderFebruari 2023

Had 10 solar panels installed today. Nice guys who know their business. Can highly recommend solar fusion

Meneer Verkerk, JulianadorpFebruari 2023