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Jinko N-type panels

Enphase IQ8M micro inverter

Growatt inverter

Charging post Wallbox Commander 2S

Substructure Van der Valk

Jinko N-type panels

Brand Jinko
Colour Black
Type of Solar Panel N-type
Power 375 and 420 Wp
Product Warranty 25 years
Power Warranty 30 years
Model Jinko 375 Wp All black
Power per m2 215 Wp/m2
Number of cells. 120
Dimensions 1692x1029x30mm
Connector Staubli MC4 connector
Model Jinko 420 Wp All black
Power per m2 215 Wp/m2
Number of cells 108
Dimensions 1722x1134x30mm
Connector Staubli MC4 connector

With a production capacity of 31 GW, Jinko is the largest manufacturer of solar panels worldwide, earning them a deserved spot on the Tier 1 list. Jinko distributes solar panels to a diverse range of customers, located in more than 100 countries around the world. Jinko has been part of the DNV-GL PV Module Reliability Scorecard every year since 2014.

These solar panels have an Efficiency of 21.53%. This is a few percent more than most other solar panels, allowing you to install the most power on your roof.

The only difference between the 375Wp variant and the 420Wp variant is, that the 420Wp has a larger size and therefore a higher yield. Which solar panel is most suitable for the optimal use on your roof, therefore also depends on the size of your roof.

N-type solar panels have a negative charge, which means regardless of very hot weather or cloudy weather, they produce more power than P-type (positive charge) solar panels. Also, N-type solar panels suffer less from LID (light induced degradation) this means that in the long run these solar panels perform better than P-type solar panels.

Jinko N-type solar panels have 3 main advantages:

  • N-type solar panels produce higher power per square meter (high efficiency).
  • These panels have lower degradation compared to P-type panels. With a degradation of 0.4% per year, Jinko Solar offers you an exceptional power guarantee of 87.4% over 30 years with this type of panel!
  • You enjoy longer warranties (25-year product warranty and 30-year power warranty)
Wat zijn de beste zonnepanelen? In ons optiek is dit de jinko  430wp N-Type

Solar Fusion

A greener tomorrow

Enphase IQ8M micro inverter

Type Parallel-connected system
Monitoring Enphase Enlighten app
Product Warranty 25 years
Location The micro inverters are located beneath the panels on the roof
Benefits Most sustainable and forward-looking solution
Disadvantages This system is slightly more expensive to purchase than the Growatt inverter

Enphase IQ series is ready for the smart grid and achieves the highest efficiency for module level power electronics. The IQ8M exceeds the reliability and robustness of previous generations of microinverters.

Enphase installations can be managed with the Enphase Enlighten app or the MyEnlighten web application. This app allows you to view and monitor the status of the system at 1 glance. For example, the app shows overviews of energy production per panel, consumption and, if applicable, storage.

  • Each panel has its own inverter; this is a parallel-switched system. If you sometimes suffer from shade, this system is a good solution because each panel works independently of the others.
  • Future-proof because this system is very compatible with many brands of batteries and other devices that are “smart” and need to share information with each other.
  • The micro inverters have a 25-year product warranty, this fits nicely with our solar panels which also have a 25-year product warranty and even a 30-year power warranty.
  • You can see exactly how much each panel is generating through an app.
  • These inverters convert DC voltage to AC voltage per panel immediately. So this is also more fire-safe.
  • Burst technology lets the micro inverters produce more energy during the morning, evening and during lower light, for a longer day with solar power.
  • Because they work independently, micro inverters are more reliable anyway. There is no single point of failure in a micro inverter system. When 1 panel stops working, it will not affect the other panels in any way. They are subject to the most stringent product testing in the industry. Micro inverters have the best warranties.
  • Disadvantage: This system is more expensive than a series-connected system with Growatt inverters.

Growatt inverter

Type Series-connected system
Monitoring Growatt ShineLink X
Location Inside, usually in the attic
Product Warranty 10 years
Advantages Good price-quality ratio
Disadvantages Lasts less long than the Enphase micro inverters

Growatt inverters are one of the best-selling inverters worldwide. And that’s not all. With more than 10 years of experience in the Dutch market, Growatt has proven that its inverters are very reliable and durable. Thereby, the inverters also have an excellent quality to price ratio. Growatt is known as a good quality inverter. Growatt’s product warranty is at 10 years, longer than the warranty of many reputable brands. The inverters are lighter and smaller making them easier to install.

  • This inverter is a series-connected system, if you have little shade on the roof this is a nice system.
  • They come standard with AFCI, arc flash detection. In addition, the model is extremely noiseless because it has no fans and transformers.
  • You can perfectly measure and monitor consumption and production through the Growatt ShineLink X.
  • The MIN (1 phase) and MOD (3 phase) series comes with 2 MPP trackers, this means that 2 series of at least 4 solar panels can be connected to it, both these series work independently of each other.
  • The 1 phase inverters (MIN series) achieve a high efficiency of up to 98.4%. The 3 phase inverters (MOD series) achieve an efficiency of up to 98.6%.
  • Disadvantage: These inverters have a shorter lifespan than Enphase’s micro inverters but also have an excellent price/quality ratio. Also, if there is shadow on 1 panel, the other panels will also yield less because it is a series connection.

Charging post Wallbox Commander 2S

Montage Wall mounting
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Protection rating IP54
Impact resistance IK10
Max power per charging point 22 kW
Max output current DC 32 A
Cable 5-meter charging cable with type 2 plug
Dimensions (without cable) 221 x 152 x 115 mm

Combining a charging station with solar panels is, of course, ideal. This saves a lot of costs. With the Wallbox, this is possible through the load balancing component, with this you can use the surplus to charge your car with generated solar energy. Through the app, you can choose whether it charges entirely with solar energy or with a mix of energy from the grid. It also prevents overcharging by automatically reducing the power supply to the car when necessary.

The MyWallbox app allows you to schedule charging sessions and view real-time statistics. Even if you are not connected to the Internet, you can use bluetooth to manage charging sessions. You also receive notifications about software updates and duration of charging sessions. Also, you can separate your private and business charging session.

Charging fees can be settled with your employer or your own company. Also, the charger can be made available to third parties. This becomes possible by using the myWallbox Business portal. Here you easily arrange for the charges to be automatically settled with the user or company. Also, statements of charging costs are always available.

Wallbox is a european fast-growing charging station manufacturer with a focus on the end user. The Wallbox is the ideal charger for any situation. With the free app, they are easy to control and set up. And it is incorporated into a beautiful design.
The Wallbox Commander features integrated DC leakage protection against short circuits, making installation easier and more economical. The charger can connect wirelessly to the Internet and the charger can be easily monitored remotely.

Substructure Van der Valk

Type Clamping system
Material Aluminum and stainless steel
Differentiator Very strong profile, no weak spots
Product Warranty 20 years
Supplier Van der Valk Nederland
Roof type Suitable for flat and sloped roofs

We use the Van der Valk substructures for pitched roof and flat roof. The mounting system is developed and produced in the Netherlands and are distinguishable through their wide applicability, very quick assembly and high quality. They are developed according to the latest Eurocodes and thus meet the requirements of banks and insurance companies for solar installations. The substructure has a 20-year product warranty.

It is a very robust system made mainly of aluminum and for flat roof systems also partly stainless steel.